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Norma FMJ

Norma manufactures FMJ bullets in most popular calibres. Their excellent accuracy makes them suitable for competition, training and small game hunting. Norma ammunition is Scandinavia’s favourite for bird hunting with rifles.

Loaded in the calibres: 222 Rem., 223 Rem., 22-250 Rem., 6 mm Norma BR, 6XC, 243 Win., 6,5x55 6,5-284, 270 Win., 7x57 R, 270 WSM, 7x65 R, 7 mm Rem. Mag., 308 Win., 30-06, 300 WSM, 300 Win. Mag., 8x57 JRS, 8x57 JS, 338 Win. Mag., 358 Norma Mag., 9,3x57, 9,3x62


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