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Norma Kalahari

 NOR Kalahari_Kula_1336_24Pro

A revolutionary new exterior shape gives superior exterior ballistics for flatter trajectory and reduced wind drift. The interior design ensures dramatic killing effect. The front third of the bullet is designed to break off into six petals while the rear shank penetrates very deeply and produces an exit wound and immediate blood spoor allowing rapid follow-up.

Bullet Impact:

    Norma Kalahari 30-06, 150 gr
V0 910 m/s, V100 m/s
       Shooting Distance: 25 yards

Deep penetration combined with devastating initial trauma are the main characteristics of the Kalahari bullet. Safe and reliable to use even on large game from poor angles it provides the rapid knock down. The relatively large hollow point ensures that there are no ‘failures to expand’.

Loaded in the calibres: 270 Win., 270 WSM, 7x64, 280 Rem., 7 mm Rem. Mag., 308 Win., 30-06, 300 Win. Mag., 300 WSM

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