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Norma-USA Tac-22 Tops the Open Division at the 2016 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship

Posted October 2016

The 2016 Rimfire Challenge World Championship was held in Woodville Alabama at the Carvern Cove Rimfire Range.  It’s a beautiful range that hosted 16 difficult stages, 8 pistol and 8 rifle. Each stage had 5-7 steel plate targets at distances between 10 to 30 yards.  The object of the game is to shoot the targets as fast as you can.  Misses added time penalties to the stage score. It is a race to see who can get the lowest accrued time.

This year, I was able to finish in 1st in the Open Division and 2nd overall out of 223 entries.  This is my third world championship title in the last 2 years. 17 year old phenom, Kolby Pavlock was the overall champion shooting in the Limited  division.


One of the most important parts of the game is having reliable ammunition.  After three world titles, Norma-USA’s Tac-22 has proven itself the leader in speed shooting competition.  There is no question that it is reliable and well suited to competition speed shooting.  It goes “bang” every time.  It shoots straight.  Norma demonstrates the value of excellent quality control.  As a subsonic load, it has noticeably reduced recoil allowing the quickest target acquisition following each shot.  For a speed shooter, it embodies everything you need to be the fastest. Tac-22 is the ammo I use and trust. Nothing else will do for this level of competition. 

I want to take a moment to thank the kind folks at Norma-USA. They have believed in me from the very start.  I am privileged enough to receive support from an ammunition company that is second to none.  With support from Norma-USA, I have been able to secure a place as the fastest Open Division rimfire shooter in the world.

//Trenton Mitsuoka


Norma-USA Tac-22 Wins
Back to Back World Speed Shooting Titles

Posted August 2016


With Norma-USA's Tac-22, the sky is the limit!  At this year's World Speed Shooting Championships (also known as the Steel Challenge), I successfully defended my Rimfire Rifle Optics Division World Speed Shooting Championship title giving me back to back victories.

trenton wc 2016

Norma-USA's Tac-22 is perfectly suited for speed shooting competitions like the Steel Challenge.  It is ultra reliable, low recoil, and very accurate.  To win at high level events like this, you rely on the ammunition to function flawlessly every time.  Norma-USA Tac-22 is exactly what you need to win.

The Steel Challenge is a test consisting of 8 stages that employ different shooting in a race against the clock with time penalties added for inaccuracy.  Some target arrays are right to left, left to right, near and far, big and small.  One stage requires movement from the shooter.  Each stage has 5 steel targets with the “stop” plate engaged last.  The time stops when you shoot the “stop” plate that ends the timer.  The total time with penalty for misses is your score. The winner is the competitor with the fastest time. There are 12 divisions, depending on the type of firearm used to compete. There are also “special” categories like lady, junior and senior.

trenton m friend

I had a lot of fun at the Word Speed Shoot, and at the end of the day, that's what it is all about.  Fun.

In addition to winning the Rimfire Rifle Optics Division I finished 5th in Rimfire Pistol Optics and 9th in the Open Division shooting 9mm.  Most notably, I finished 3rd overall combined behind the legendary Max Michel and teenage phenomenon Kolby Pavlock.

Trenton Mitsuoka
//Two-Time Back to Back World Speed Shooting Champion, Open Rimfire Rifle

Tac-22 takes 2nd Overall at the Old Fort Rimfire Challenge

Posted July 2016:

It seems everywhere I go, rain or shine, heat and humidity, or cold rain, Norma-USA's Tac-22 never fails me. This past May 28th and 29th I traveled to the 2016 Old Fort Rimfire Challenge also known as the Arkansas State Championships. Again, with Tac-22, I was able to win 2nd place overall out of 127 shooters. The tournament included 8 stages and 4 side matches. I used Tac-22 in both my pistol and my rifle, as I always do. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Rimfire Challenge consists of 5-7 steel plates, which you shoot as fast as you can. It is a 2-gun race with a rimfire pistol and rifle. When the buzzer sounds, it’s an all out race. Your cumulative time is your score; the lowest score wins. Brixey Nelson won the overall championship, defeating me for a second time this year. He is an amazingly fast shooter and an outstanding young gentleman. He is running very fast this year and is certainly on his way to a top finish at this year's World Championship in Alabama this coming October.


This year, a new competitive format was introduced as a ‘Side Match’. Contestants were placed in a single elimination bracket. Twenty-seven (27) shooters entered the event. The format is a head to head (H2H) event pitting two competitors against each other, the winner progressing to the next level until only one competitor is left. Each shooter placed the barrel of their gun on top of a sensor, which could detect if there was a false start. If a shooter's gun lifted off of the sensor before the green light, then a red light would flash, disqualifying the shooter for the false start. When the staging lights reached the green light, the race began. The last steel plate (Stop Plate) was propped against another sensor that would indicate which competitor finished first. Tac-22 performed flawlessly for me and enabled me to win the inaugural Head to Head (H2H) Gun Racing match. Tac-22's reliability and superior ignition propelled me through the opening round, quarter-finals, semi-finals and on to the finals. Each round, I faced a more skilled pro shooter. I was fortunate enough to prevail and win the side match and was presented with the cash prize.



Tac-22 Wins 3rd Overall at Lonestar Rimfire Challenge

Posted May 2016:


Norma-USA's precision manufacturing never lets me down. 

I just returned from Terrell, Texas after competing in the NSSF Lonestar Rimfire Challenge held April 30th, 2016.

Rimfire Challenge is a competitive event emphasizing speed and accuracy with both a .22 handgun and rifle hence, the designation “rimfire” in the name.   The challenge is to shoot an array of 5-7 steel plates as fast as you can. It also means your ammo must be reliable and work flawlessly in a pistol and a rifle.  Norma-USA's Tac-22 works beautifully for both of my guns.

The day before the match, a severe thunderstorm passed through the area, with a tornado watch in effect.  Luckily, the storm passed through and we were able to have a great match.

 Trent april 850x300

Left pic: Trenton Mitsuoka with Jeff Chaffin  

The best part of shooting Rimfire Challenge is the great group of people you get to meet.  It is family friendly; it is common to see entire families out shooting at the events.  Not many sports can have 3 generations of a family participating in the same sport.  Grandparents, parents and grandchildren can compete along side one another. There are divisions for the various age groups. My Dad, Chris Mitsuoka, was fortunate enough to win 2nd place in the Senior Division.  

My next match is May 28th-29th at the Old Fort Rimfire Challenge in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

 //Trenton Mitsuoka


Posted April 2016:

3rd US Steel Nationals sm


Norma-USA's Tac-22 wins another one for me! The weather  was in the mid 70's and raining most of the time at the Smith & Wesson  U.S. Steel Nationals in Smyrna Beach Florida. Tac 22's outstanding reliability in these untoward conditions boosted me to podium. The competition was fierce and a failure to fire would drop a competitor 3 to 4 places in the results. The Tac-22's flawless functioning kept me in third place by a mere 0.15 seconds in the Open Rimfire Rifle Division.


TRENTON2 850x350


I also managed to win the plate rack side match. The contest involved shooting a rimfire plate rack of 6 plates with a Tactical Solutions X-ring iron sight rifle. I won with a time of 1.32 seconds and was given the plate rack used in the side match as the prize. Since I flew in from California, I decided to donate the rack to a local Junior shooter that could cart it home with them. I chose Piper Hattox from Mississippi. She is a high level junior competitive shooter with a bright future ahead of her.



Trenton Mitsuoka
Team Norma-USA

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