Norma Ammo Beefs-Up American Presence

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Norma Precision has long been a household name in Europe and Africa for hunters who demand superbly premium ammunition for taking big- and dangerous-game animals. Having traveled to Poland last fall for a wild boar, red deer and roe deer hunt (full story to come), I can say from experience that Norma ammo is regarded like gold shillings by serious riflemen overseas.

Finally, the Swedish ammunition manufacturer is ready for a full-fledged splash in the United States with the recent launch of Norma-USA.

Here's what gun writer Richard Mann has to say about his experience with Norma: "I've used Norma ammunition off and on all my life—when I could get it. Now, with the establishment of Norma-USA, the getting-it problem has been solved. Norma cartridge brass is some of the best in the world. And their bullets, like the legendary Oryx and the brand-new Kalahari, are big-game busters, offering double-diameter expansion and plenty-deep penetration."

And it stands to reason that Norma's reputation extends beyond loaded ammunition; their ammo components are respected, too.

"Among experienced hand loaders, Norma brass is the gold standard. Solid. Consistent. Precise. Dependable," said North American Hunter Guns Columnist Ron Spomer. "Turns out their loaded ammo and bullets are in the same league. I've used it with the Oryx bullet to make several one-shot kills on Namibian oryx (gemsbuck), the bullet's namesake, plus blue wildebeest, pronghorns and whitetails. This fall, I plan on taking a Norma Oryx load to visit a moose in B.C. I don't think the moose is going to like it."

Like Mann said, Norma loaded ammo and components haven't always been easy to get in America. The purpose of Norma-USA is to increase availability and visibility of existing Norma products in the United States through a host of new dealers (including online retailers).

Additionally, their new American PH line of loaded ammo "is designed and engineered specifically for the demands of the American sportsman." In other words, you'll find familiar whitetail and North American big-game calibers in the line that will make you realize Norma isn't only for African safaris. American hunters might also find comfort in opening a box of Norma that has a whitetail or elk on the face, rather than a cape buffalo or oryx.

It will definitely be interesting to see how popular culture among American sportsmen will accept a product that, albeit top-shelf, isn't "born in the U.S.A." But don't be a bit surprised when Norma American PH shows up in your deer camp this fall; heck, you might be the one packing it. 

I met with Ron Petty from Norma at the 2012 SHOT Show. Watch the video below to see what he had to say about Norma-USA:


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